Sunshine’s 2020 Art Show

Sunshine Therapeutic Activities Department, under the leadership of Kym August, CTRS put the focus on fun and creativity this summer. They engaged the children in creative arts and crafts projects which enhanced their learning, and play while providing stimulation and engagement. While many of the activities required hand over hand facilitation, the tactile experiences of […]

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Farm Day!

One of our favorite special activities this summer was the Farm Day event! The children and staff had a blast that day, which featured music with Randy – singing, dancing, using animal puppets and playing instruments. Sunshine also had a special visitor, Frodo, a miniature horse! Everyone especially loved meeting and petting Frodo. It was

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Sunshine Shines the Spotlight on… Nurses Week (May 6th-12th)

In recognition of Nurses Week (May 6-12), Sunshine celebrates all wonderful nurses who care for our children. Sunshine wishes to recognize the extraordinary work, care and efforts of our entire Sunshine nursing staff — the RNs, LPNs and CNAs. They will be recognized by their colleagues here with activities and expressions of gratitude. Each will

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The Sun Shines On… TIRATIME!

ARTS HORIZONS Music Program with Tira Bluestone in January!  Sunshine has once again been chosen as a grant-funded site for a special artsHorizons™ educational program! The artsHorizons™ mission is to “bring the power, the joy and positive influence of the arts into the lives of young people by making music, visual arts, dance, drama, new

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