Our Family-Centered Model

Sunshine Children’s Home is committed to a family-centered model with collaboration and support at its core. We believe that families can be our most vital resource and a primary source of strength for their child. Therefore, it is our primary goal to forge a “team” relationship based on respect, dignity, compassion and support for parents, siblings, family members and caregivers.

We are here to listen to and respect the beliefs and values of every family, and we are committed to honor every idea, insight and perspective.

As part of our family-focused philosophy, we have an “open visitation” policy and encourage our families to visit whenever possible, and as often as they wish. Regular therapeutic sessions with our social workers, therapeutic and medical staff are arranged at your convenience.

Our Family-Focused Programs include:

Social Work Services

Families of children with complex medical conditions often struggle with social, economic and emotional difficulties. Our experienced Social Work team is available anytime to help families meet the challenges they may be facing. We assist parents with access to concrete services and resources, provide supportive counseling to families to ease their adjustment to Sunshine, and we work in collaboration with the interdisciplinary treatment team to coordinate an appropriate plan of care for the child. Our Social Workers are available throughout to provide ongoing support to families, as well as resource identification and information regarding discharge planning. In conjunction with the Quality of Life team, Sunshine’s team of Social Workers also connects with families to ensure that the cultural and spiritual needs of the child and family are met.

Quality of Life

Sunshine’s Quality of Life team offers support to ensure that your child’s comfort care needs are met. Our Quality of Life Assistants are responsible for managing and maintaining each child’s personal possessions to align with their family’s specific requests, needs and preferences. Our primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for our infants and toddlers through our Cuddles Club Program and Mommy & Me Infant Club, along with other Family Support Services that includes on-site hospitality services, retreats, and parent-to-parent networking.

Special Parent Events/Activities

We schedule various special events and programs aiming to bring our family community together. Throughout the year, there are specific activities for Sunshine Moms and Sunshine Dads that are designed to foster friendships, promote the exchange of ideas and provide mutual support and bonds among Sunshine families.

  • Family Picnics and Parties
  • Full-Day Mom’s and Dad’s Retreats
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Mom’s Teas
  • Religious Observances
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