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Hospitality At Sunshine

Sunshine’s “Our Home is Your Home” Hospitality Program is available to further enhance your comfort during visits with your child.

The Family Café

Please visit The Family Café located directly off the Lobby for a beverage, nosh and socialization. There is never a charge for this service. Please let us know how we can make your visit more comfortable.

family cafe
Great Room

Great Rooms

Each unit has its very own “living space” that we call the Great Rooms. These rooms have been designed as community spaces for children, staff and families to enjoy. The centerpiece of each room is the circular fish tank, which invites wonderful visual sensory stimulation. These are multi-use spaces to gather, play, and simply relax.

Sensory Room

Located inside the Rehabilitation Gym, the Sunshine Sensory Room is a calm therapeutic space that engages and delights the user, stimulates reactions and encourages communication between the child and therapist. The client-centered approach encourages the child with a wide range of abilities that help to regulate their systems to optimal levels, supporting their learning and growth by engaging in sensory-stimulating activities with exciting visuals, music, sounds, invigorating smells and textures to explore.


Accessed only through the Great Rooms, the courtyards are enclosed interior spaces which offer an array of outdoor activities just steps away from the units. Take a stroll around the gardens with water features, repose on the benches or engage in playful interactions with our unique musical equipment.


Children’s Playground

It’s as fantastical as any adaptive playground can be. This space is in our backyard and features a variety of swings, slides, interactive equipment, and our very own carousel. There is a unique water feature, which will definitely delight the eyes and calm the spirit. A fun space the entire family can enjoy during their visits.

Sparkle Spa

Sparkle and Shine Spa

Located on the 2nd floor, the Sparkle and Shine Spa is the space for ultimate pampering. Services include cuts and styling, grooming, and spa manicures and pedicures. Sunshine will host special “Mommy and Me” pamper days just to make your time together more special.

Sparkle Spa

Peaceful Pause Room

Our Peaceful Pause Room is a quaint and serene sanctuary located off the lobby area. This private space is available for calm quiet reflection, conversations and support. Having a place designed for this purpose is a vital component of our holistic care. How families use this space will be specific to their needs – perhaps to prepare for a meeting, to reflect after a visit, or to have a private conversation. We know you will find this little niche an integral part of your visit.

Peaceful Pause


Sunshine’s new indoor Pool is central to our Aquatic Therapy program. In addition to the therapeutic benefits, our aquatic activities also offers the children loads of special fun and is somewhat of a “rite of passage” for our children as they grow and develop. At Sunshine, we are committed to ensuring that children of all abilities have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the advantages of Aquatic Therapy and water play.

Rehabilitation Gym

The Sunshine Rehabilitation Gym is a bright, colorful, and inviting space designed exclusively for our kids. It serves as the central hub for our rehabilitation staff, including Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Rehabilitation Technicians. These dedicated professionals collaborate with every department and work closely with our children to help them achieve their unique goals. 

While our rehabilitation staff actively engages with and challenges children in various settings within our home, the Rehabilitation Gym offers a dedicated space where providers can collaborate effectively and utilize specialized equipment to cater to each child’s specific needs.

rehab gym
rehab gym

In addition to the main gym area, there are also two Speech and Language rooms. These rooms provide a quiet and distraction-free environment for our therapists to engage our kids in goal-oriented activities. The Rehabilitation Gym also has a specially equipped Sensory Room designed to offer the right level of sensory stimulation. This room helps our children’s systems regulate to optimal levels, supporting their learning and growth. Overall, the Rehabilitation Gym serves as a central hub for the provision of goal-oriented interventions that meet our children where they are and encourages them to reach their fullest potential.


Sunshine’s Clubhouse is located in the center of our community providing staff, children, and families the opportunity for an array of gatherings. It is an ideal location and space for group activities for children and staff alike. This space is available for families who would like a larger, private space for visits, and/or to celebrate a special occasion.

Skills Lab

The Sunshine Skills Lab is a clinical practice lab equipped with simulation mannequins, demonstration equipment devices, a working headwall, and an ADL training space. All of our clinical staff have the opportunity to practice and review the necessary skill sets in our clinical skills lab to gain the required competency and confidence.

Skills Lab
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