Sunshine Shines the Spotlight on… Nurses Week (May 6th-12th)

In recognition of Nurses Week (May 6-12), Sunshine celebrates all wonderful nurses who care for our children. Sunshine wishes to recognize the extraordinary work, care and efforts of our entire Sunshine nursing staff — the RNs, LPNs and CNAs. They will be recognized by their colleagues here with activities and expressions of gratitude. Each will be honored for their commitment, compassion and passion for their chosen profession, as well as the service provided to the children in their care.

We took this opportunity to ask the question “what it’s like to be a nurse” and received some very thoughtful responses including: “Despite only being celebrated one week out of the year, I celebrate being a nurse every day” says Jennifer. She considers her work to be “the human side of medicine.” Jennifer added “Nursing is not about getting recognition, our patients know the care we give them and that’s all that matters.” Yi Song playfully calls  herself “the brains of the operation” having already enjoyed 27 years of nursing. She puts it best by saying, “To be a nurse, you need to know how to treat people with dignity, especially during their most vulnerable and fragile states”. She believes her long career has taught her to be more empathetic towards families. YoungMi, one of our Nurse Supervisors,  has been a nurse for 12 years and says “patience is key”. While nurses have to be quick on their feet (literally and figuratively), they also need to slow down to be present with the children- “they are so cute,” she says.  For Min, being bedside with children is what makes nursing different from any other professions. She loves being able to provide care to children first hand, right when they need it most. Jon, a new member of the Sunshine family, takes great pride in his role as a nurse. Jon understands the magnitude of his work. He explains his fifteen years as a nurse as being “the voice and hands” that provide the care children require. All reflections are spot on and truly reflect the many aspects of nursing care.  Families may wish to note this date and share a kind word of appreciation to the nursing team caring for your child.

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