Therapeutic Services

Under the supervision and guidance of our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), our Therapeutic Recreation team provides a varied and stimulating individualized activity program, designed to meet the needs of each child and with the goal of maintaining quality of life and improving health and well-being. Recreational opportunities include arts and crafts, music, outdoor experiences, sensory stimulation, reading, games, gross and fine motor activities, community visitors, and trips.

Our lush wooded property allows for an outdoor sensory play experience featuring an adaptive playground and strolls along the nature paths, and including stops at the various water features, such as our ponds with flowing fountains.

We also offer the children many “adventures” within our wonderful neighboring communities of Ossining and New Castle. We are often visited by local musicians and bands, as well as high school choirs. In addition, the Sunshine children often enjoy educational outings to the zoo, museums, the local libraries, the neighborhood bookstore, as well as attend Community Days and other special community events.

We offer varied sensory-filled activities and structured groups for the children to participate in. We continually review each child’s recreational and social needs and tailor activities to meet their interests and abilities.

Aquatic Therapy

Sunshine Children’s Home is able to provide on-site Aquatic Therapy in our new indoor pool as a rehabilitation intervention for our children. Aquatic Therapy is a gentle complement to land-based therapy. Utilizing the unique physical properties of water, such as buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, and viscosity, along with therapeutic activities, we effectively promote comfort and help our children work towards achieving functional goals on dry land.

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