The Sun Shines On… TIRATIME!

ARTS HORIZONS Music Program with Tira Bluestone in January! 

Sunshine has once again been chosen as a grant-funded site for a special artsHorizons™ educational program! The artsHorizons™ mission is to “bring the power, the joy and positive influence of the arts into the lives of young people by making music, visual arts, dance, drama, new media and creative writing an integral part of learning.” 

Tira Bluestone returns to Sunshine in January to lead the MUSIC for Every Student program. She will provide music for each of the four classrooms beginning on January 14th for a total of seven sessions.

Tira is a “jingle guru,” who writes special songs with and for the children. She is truly a unique and creative musical asset to any educational program.  Sunshine students will most definitely benefit from the sensory and creative processes, as well as enjoy the dynamic energy provided by Tira and her individualized music program. 

Tira’s commitment to the children and their families is evident: “We are all born with great potential for JOY & should ALL have a chance to achieve it!” Our teachers are thrilled about her return and are eager to introduce music into their daily lesson plans.

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