Sunshine Children’s Home Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Special Event Highlighted by Honors and Recognition of Staff for Their Many Years of Dedication and Service

Sunshine Children Participate in Groundbreaking for Our New Home

It was a beautiful, sunny day filled with love, laughter and sunshine as our staff, administrators and owners all gathered together to celebrate the groundbreaking of our new Home and the many wonderful members of our Sunshine family, who keep the sun shining for our children every day.

The entire room and outside area were beautifully decorated with many creative touches incorporating our groundbreaking/construction theme, thanks to the talented Dini Sternhill, Quality of Life Director.  

A special highlight of the day was when a few of our Sunshine children joined the celebration to mark the groundbreaking by holding and digging with shovels in the ground.

Linda Mosiello, Sunshine Administrator, narrated a heartwarming slideshow that highlighted our past, present and future, and she expressed her appreciation to all the staff that “make Sunshine so wonderful.” 

Then, we held our first annual Sunshine Staff Recognition Ceremony. It was the greatest honor to recognize the 63 members of our staff who had reached their milestone years of service. We are so thankful to them for their dedication, kindness, compassion and commitment:

For 25+ years of service we congratulate Barbara McFarlane and Laura Moore.

For 15+ years of service we congratulate Kathy Anduze, Ena Brown, Nona Hamilton, Cecile Parker, Linda Mosiello and Susan Pinckney.

For 20+ years of service we congratulate Jennifer Battle, Lorna Dixon, Janet Manu, Ken Hudson, Anugrah Khan and Yi Song.

For 10+ years of service we congratulate Kathy Clemente, Ya Dong Chen, Freddy Espinal, Marie Fleury, Laura Jean Maggilini, Shanae Myers and Padmaja Paniker.

For 5+ years of service we congratulate: Kimberly August, Myra Baltazar, Raymond Blackwell, Alma Calderon, Lileith Chambers, Kyoung Mee Cho, Jisue Choi, Julia Ciobuca, Joanne Cremona, Tracy Daubel, Gjevahire Dreshaj, Erick Espinal, Julio Espana, Sharon Fitzmaurice, Sandra Fraser, Tina Grant, Tiara Holebrook, Ginamarie Ingrassia, Jin Seon Kang, Cosette Larose, Paula Listi, Joselin Martinez, Mario Mazariegos, Elaine Moto, MariCris Nee, Mary Obour, Renee Ofner, Young Mi Park, Juan Rodriguez, Erica Perez-Smith, Deborah Roffi, Jorgillia Santos, Joseph Savitt, Laura Schneider  Connelly, Alexis Sessoms, Chelle Sonico, Dini Sternhill, Erica Stroh, Toni Vernon, Maria Villada, Samantha Ward and Katina Williams.

On behalf of our owners and administrators — Thank you to the entire Sunshine staff and our special guests who made this day so wonderful for all!

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