Sunshine’s 2020 Art Show

Sunshine Therapeutic Activities Department, under the leadership of Kym August, CTRS put the focus on fun and creativity this summer. They engaged the children in creative arts and crafts projects which enhanced their learning, and play while providing stimulation and engagement. While many of the activities required hand over hand facilitation, the tactile experiences of playing in multi-mediums (water, paint, fruit, clay and wood) enhanced all their senses. The accumulation of the teams and children’s efforts were presented in their open-air 2020 Summer Art Show, held on September 1st. The staff were invited to walk along the front patio area to admire the many art works. Everyone was delighted in the show and inspired by the various art projects. Kym shared “I am so proud of the creative TA staff who worked tirelessly to help the children create, and then display the art they worked so hard on.  We focused on each children’s abilities, to create unique and extraordinary masterpieces. Each piece of art in our show was unique and special.” #SunshineSummer #FunatSunshine #SummerArtShow

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