World Kindness Day is Every Day at Sunshine!

Today is World Kindness Day, held every year on November 13.  This year, amid a pandemic, World Kindness Day has given us pause for thought. At Sunshine, we strive for “kindness day” each day. Sunshine is a place where we believe that smiling and laughter is the best medicine and no challenge is too great to overcome with teamwork and patience. 

Making our children happy is at the heart of what we do.  Despite their disabilities and special challenges, the children at Sunshine seek to enjoy life and have fun.  So, our team is committed to making their lives joyful and consistent, no matter what is going on outside our doors. 

We are a team that values positivity, patience, compassion and yes, Kindness above all. We hope everyone has a very Happy World Kindness Day! 

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