The Sun Shines On… Shannon Gaynor’s Middle/High School

Sunshine shines the spotlight on Shannon Gaynor’s Middle/ High School. As the classroom teacher, Shannon is grateful for her team and the wonderful learning experiences the team creates for each of the students every school day. Her Teacher’s Assistant is Stephanie Longobardo and her Aides are Judy DeRosa, Rosa Manrique, Isabel DaSilva, and Lourdes Zhunio-Argudo. This dynamic team works well together to integrate creative teaching skills that allow their students to engage in a successful learning environment. Shannon says her favorite part about working as a teacher at Sunshine is “seeing the kids light up in the classroom, knowing that you are connecting with them and bringing them joy.” Shannon and her team have recently worked with therapists to incorporate off-site aquatic therapy into the activity schedule during the school day. Shannon hopes that they can continue to grow and add programs that the kids will enjoy. Rosa shared that, “Sunshine is multi-cultural and there is always something to learn from people of different cultures, not just among the staff, but the students as well.” Isabel speaks enthusiastically about how the children inspire peace, “which allows me to forget about all my outside problems and just focus on the kids.” Stefanie adds, “The children surprise me every day with something new to smile about.” Visitors to the classroom are always impressed with the variety of activities the children are offered. It is wonderful to see the use of technology to engage the students and increase their participation. It is evident that this team truly loves the kids, focuses on ensuring that all their needs are met, and enjoys making them smile.

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