The Sun Shines On… Moshe Weinfeld

How fortunate for Sunshine that Moshe Weinfeld decided on a career change! Last November, Moshe joined the Sunshine team as Materials Director. While he had some significant shoes to fill, he has proven himself to be a perfect fit for Sunshine. Prior to Sunshine, Moshe spent six years as the principal of a large girl’s school. He has been able to put many of his great skills from that position to use at Sunshine, including working within a dynamic team, multitasking and meeting important deadlines. Moshe has become known for his sound customer service practices. He never hesitates to lend a hand or solve a problem. And, he always has a smile and a kind word to share. Moshe’s daily responsibilities include handling all the pharmacy-related tasks, as well as ensuring that all equipment and supplies are in stock and updated. “I enjoy working with my wonderful co-workers from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds,” says Moshe, “Yet, we all share a commitment to working together harmoniously for the sake and well-being of the children. There is a very uplifting, positive and respectful work environment at Sunshine where we all support each other and ‘have each other’s backs.’ It is truly a wonderful place to work!”

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