The Sun Shines On Monica Tuba

Monica Tuba is one of the many certified nursing assistant’s (CNA) here at Sunshine. CNA’s have the extraordinary opportunity to make a positive influence in the lives of their patients by assisting the nursing staff in nearly every aspect of care. Therefore, Monica is a very vital part of the day-to-day activities of the children she cares for. Monica has been with Sunshine for two years now and is very humble about her work. Her favorite part about working at this facility is not only the children, but how much she learns. Throughout the years, she has learned that not everything is perfect. There are some individuals who need a helping hand in order to have the courage to persevere. Monica’s attitude with the children is an aspect of her daily routine she feels is different from the other staff. She not only cares for them as their CNA but also as a friend who provides comfort, love and support for the children. The children make a monumental impact on Monica’s life. Experiencing their improvements brings her great pride and joy. For example, she explained how she had worked closely with a child who had not yet learned how to sign. At first, the child was beginning to learn how to sign yes and no. Since he was most comfortable with Monica she helped him practice and before you know it he was comfortable to continue with therapy. He is now communicating with others through sign language! On the weekends you can find Monica playing soccer and exploring with her daughter who loves to hike. Monica also take pleasure in reading and drawing.

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