The Sun Shines On… Gleny Polanco

Meet Gleny — Sunshine’s new interim Charge Nurse. Before she joined our team, Gleny was a Medication Charge Nurse at a nursing home in Scarsdale. She said that she has “learned so much working at Sunshine over the past three years and loves being able to work with the children daily.” She says that she also really appreciates her many great co-workers. Gleny brings a great deal of skill and passion to Sunshine. Her ability to stay calm during an emergency or busy situation helps prevent her coworkers from feeling overwhelmed. During her shifts, Gleny can be found checking on residents since she “loves working on the floor.” She stays informed by checking the assignment board and reading the night shift report first thing in the morning. Gleny works with her CNA to prepare residents for school and activities. On her days off, she cherishes quality time with her family and close friends. She enjoys spending time outside engaged in nature activities, such as cherry picking. Most recently, she enjoyed a weekend at a farm where she picked apples and pumpkins and visited a haunted house. Gleny admires everything that is done for the children at Sunshine and is now planning to continue her education to build on her already specialized pediatric nursing skills. She believes that “everyone works so hard to make sure they receive the highest level of quality care. I’m glad that I am a part of this team.”

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