The Sun Shines on… Ellen McMahon

This month we shine a light on Ellen McMahon, MS, RN, LMT, Sunshine’s magnificent Licensed Massage Therapist. Ellen started her nursing career 35 years ago and through her work, became increasingly interested in a holistic approach to healthcare. Ellen’s interest led to her training in a variety of complementary care practices to enhance her nursing skill set, including massage therapy, reflexology aromatherapy, as well as energy work featuring reiki and therapeutic touch. Ellen describes her work as “supporting one’s own natural healing” and notices the positive impact of healing and the overall well-being of children receiving massage therapy and related services. Ellen explains, “It may be that their breathing gets better, their heart rate decreases, they open their eyes, or they may perk up. The kids are more relaxed and their systems become more balanced.” Ellen loves working with the children and is always mindful to stay completely present with them. “I love what I do and I love interacting with the kids,” Ellen says. “I may be working with a child for only fifteen minutes, but you make those fifteen minutes matter.” In addition to providing services to the children, Ellen is also an infant massage trainer for the Quality of Life department. Ellen describes the staff as being devoted to the children and sees the work that they put into each child’s care. “The care that the kids receive at Sunshine is the same care and attention that they would get at home. Sunshine has a home atmosphere feel to it. They are focused and willing to do whatever they can for the comfort of the kids and to improve their quality of life.” Ellen loves going to work every day and feels grateful for her position at Sunshine. Ellen states, “When you love what you do, it makes all the difference in the world. As Jean Watson once said, ‘Maybe this one moment with this one person is the very reason we’re here on Earth at this time,’ and I believe in that, I honor that.” We thank you, Ellen, for making Sunshine a little sunnier!

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