The Sun Shines On… Cosette “Coco” LaRose

Meet Cosette “Coco” LaRose, an occupational therapist who this month will be celebrating her fourth year working at Sunshine! Prior to joining our staff Coco worked at Danbury Hospital in a pediatric outpatient program. Occupational Therapists help individuals improve their ability to perform tasks in their daily living and working environments. Coco’s daily routine consists of early entry therapy with the preschool students, followed by therapy sessions with the middle and high students during their school day. Coco provides additional therapy services for some of the children after school. She can generally be found in the Modular, Kids Clubhouse for Learning and Play, in one of our three classrooms or the rehab gym. Her favorite part about working here is how much she is able to interact with the children on a daily basis. On the weekends you can find Cosette doing a variety of fun activities at home and in her community. She enjoys spending time with her ten-year-old son, participating in sport outings, and taking trips with her family. In addition, reading is a favorite hobby, she shared that “the Harry Potter series is one of my favorites!” Without a doubt, Cosette’s positive attitude and friendliness plays a very unique role here at Sunshine.

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