Sunshine Spotlight is on Sister Mary Boyce

It is with great pleasure to shine our Sunshine Spotlight on our volunteer, Sister Mary Boyce, who has been nominated for the 2018 NYSHFA Volunteer of the Year Award. The NYSHFA Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes a volunteer for their outstanding service and dedication to helping others. Sister Mary has been providing service to Sunshine for nearly three years with an open mind, heart and loving arms. Over several years of dedicated service, Sister Mary has contributed time, effort and talent, always soaring above expectations for any volunteer. Sister Mary brings her natural talents as a caregiver and her instinctive healing presence to all the children she cares for. Sister Mary can be found assisting staff in the Baby’s Group or lending support in the Early Intervention classroom to assure that all children get the individualized attention and benefits of the activity.  Her specialty is comfort and cuddling former preemies with complex medical needs. Kym A., CTRS says, “I personally admire her and am so honored to have the opportunity to work with her. She provides as much to the staff as the children. Sister Mary’s smile makes everyone constantly feel at ease.” The Quality of Life Team adds, “THANK YOU, Sister Mary, for being a most dedicated volunteer. We want tell you how appreciated you are, not just today, but for the whole year!” It is with heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful service Sister Mary provides to this facility and the children that she is recognized for this nomination.

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