Spring 2018 Aquatherapy Program

Our Spring 2018 Aquatherapy program under the leadership of Tracy Daubel, PT and Certified Aquatic Therapist is underway. Through our partnership with PNW BOCES, Sunshine has private use of the therapy pools on BOCES’ main campus in Yorktown.

This season we have changed the schedule of the sessions to optimize the children’s therapeutic experience. Therapy sessions are now scheduled during school hours, allowing the classroom staff to participate in the program, along with rehab and nursing. The therapy is provided to groups of four children for 12 sessions over six weeks. Children are transported to the BOCES campus at 12:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and receive 30 minutes of therapy in the specialized pools. They return to Sunshine at 2:30pm. As the weather is warming, all children will continue to have the opportunity for aquatic therapy and leisure swim opportunities in the outdoor pools at CampSunshine throughout the summer. For more information regarding these programs, please contact Myra Baltazar at 914.333.7070.

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