Spotlight Shines on Kathy Hanlon’s BOCES Elementary 2 Class

This month’s spotlight is on Kathy Hanlon’s BOCES Elementary 2 class. Kathy is the Team Leader for three additional staff: Teaching Assistant Kristi and Aides Barbara and Olga. This dynamic team works in coordination to assist Kathy with daily routines and the classroom schedule. All together, they integrate innovative methods to engage their students and provide them with successful learning tools. When visiting their classroom, you can clearly see the inspiration and dedication that drives their efforts to provide the best educational experience for their special students. “All children can learn and our job is to make it enjoyable for them. We celebrate all of their successes and we have seen a great deal of progress this year among all the children,” says the proud teacher. “We have a lot of fun; laughter is the key to a good day for us.” Kristi added, “It has been amazing to witness the children’s progress, starting in September and on to today. The childrens’ accomplishments have been wonderful and they are now really engaged in using more technology (switches) this year.” Olga shared that the students are responding extremely well to increased sensory stimulation, especially with the adaptation of the daily lesson plans that allow them to experience their world through multiple senses. She says, “What I see every day is just awesome; the students are really responding to us”. Kathy speaks enthusiastically about the team and how they all work together to help each child to reach his/her potential: “We all come together with a unified goal to help each child reach his/her potential; this job is physical, emotional and cognitive. Each day everyone shows up to give it their all.”

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