National Baby Safety Month

September is National Baby Safety Month! Here are a few important things to remember:

  • Always put your baby on his/her back to sleep.
  • Use a firm sleep mattress with a fitted sheet.
  • If you need to use a bumper pad, use the mesh “breathable” type.
  • No smoking around your baby.
  • Watch the temperature in the room and car to avoid overheating the baby — be aware of the type of clothing they are wearing.
  • Never leave baby alone in a chair or stroller, make sure they are strapped in at all times.
  • Baby should be in arms reach throughout bath time.
  • Always test bath water with your wrist or elbow before bathing.
  • Keep baby in a rear-facing car seat in a back seat for as long as possible.
  • Keep ALL medications and cleaning products out of reach and locked up.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers easily visible.

Photo credit: baby safety zone

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