Education Updates

It is truly hard to believe that we are almost at the end of another school year! The teaching staff, along with our entire Sunshine team and all of the parents have worked together to craft the most nurturing, caring and stimulating educational experiences for all the children.

A collective heartfelt thank you goes out to the BOCES teams, the preschool staff and the Early Intervention team for bringing the absolute best to the classrooms each and every day. We appreciate their heart and devotion, and their sensitivity and determination to assure that each and every child receives the very best each and every day.

For the preschool classes, the last calendar day for regular school is Friday, June 22 (morning session). The BOCES program will end on Friday, June 22 (full day).

The children will have a short break before the Summer Session, which begins on July 2 and runs through August 10. There will be some changes in the BOCES teaching personnel during this session. The Early Intervention program will run uninterrupted with the same team providing services.

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