Clinic Appointments for Your Child

While with us at Sunshine, your child may still need to receive specialized care from the physicians at the hospital that referred you to us or at another hospital or clinic. It is very important that you participate in this care by being available to escort your child to these scheduled appointments.

Accompanying your child gives you the opportunity to discuss your child’s treatment with the pediatric primary care provider. It’s your right and responsibility as a parent to keep fully informed about those aspects of your child’s care that extend beyond Sunshine. Your child will be much more comfortable during these visits if you are there to provide your loving support.

Diane Kempter works with medicine and parents to schedule these appointments when required and at times that are convenient for you. However, some hospital clinics meet only for morning or afternoon sessions and only during specific days of the week.

Transportation between Sunshine and the clinic is arranged for your child. While best to transport with your child, if it’s more reasonable for you to meet at the clinic, just let Diane know in advance and planning will be made accordingly. If you are scheduling any appointments for your child, it is crucial that you inform Dr. Savitt and Diane of the details as soon as they are known. We ask that you do not cancel any appointments without first consulting Dr. Savitt. Coordination of care is essential for all the children and the specialized care they receive. Diane Kempter can be reached at 914.333.7032.

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