Bubble Bus is coming to Sunshine

Everyone is familiar with the concept of bubbles, right? The kind you would blow through a little wand? Well, multiply that by 1,000. No wait. Multiply that by 5,000. Imagine a continuous sea of bubbles filling the air. More bubbles than you’ve ever seen in one space at a time. It’s a Bubble Extravaganza, a Bubble-Palooza! A Stunning, Extreme Bubble Spectacular that delights people of all ages! And it’s happening at Sunshine! Sunshine’s endless summer celebration continues with FUN FRIDAY FOR ALL on August 10th. The Bubble Bus will arrive at 10:30am for an hour of crazy fun, followed by an afternoon of fun and games for children and staff alike. And, as if that wasn’t enough — Samantha is cooking up some treats for all to enjoy!

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