ArtsHorizons™ Program Presents TiraTime!

Sunshine’s educational programs have been again selected as a grant-funded site for a special artsHorizons™ program. artsHorizons™ mission “brings the power, the joy and positive influence of the arts into the lives of young people by making music, visual art, dance, drama, new media and creative writing an integral part of learning”. Sunshine is fortunate in having Tira Bluestone, a music therapist, bring her unique and individualized Tiratime! program to our classrooms. Music therapy is a Creative Arts Therapy that uses music to help typical and non-typical developing people of all ages address their needs and sustain, improve and restore physical, emotional and cognitive well being. TiraTime! facilitates interactive music programs for each classroom (total of ten (10) sessions). The students most definitely benefit from the sensory and creative processes, as well as enjoying the dynamic energy provided by Tira and her individualized music program.

Tira has been inspired to create songs, books, music videos and computer games for children, and conducts music and movement programs for kids, both on and off the autistic spectrum. She has found it “very natural and easy to communicate to all children through song and movement”. Anyone who is lucky enough to attend one of her sessions agrees that Tira is a lightening rod who totally engages the students in her music through a multi-sensory process. She works individually and collectively with the students and it is wonderful to witness their responses. Tira also involves the staff in her activities as she integrates her music with stories and movements.

You can learn more opportunities for special arts [email protected] and specifically about Tira Bluestone and her Music Education [email protected].

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