The Sun Shines on… Young Ju, NP

This month we shine a light on Young Ju, NP – Sunshine’s newest addition to our fabulous medical team! Young Ju first joined the Sunshine family five years ago as a Registered Nurse and has recently transitioned into the Family Nurse Practitioner role. Young Ju “strives for excellence” and feels that Sunshine is a place where she can continue to grow and gain amazing experience. Over the years, Young Ju has developed various skills that she is able to apply to her practice. One of the skills that Young Ju believes is crucial to be successful in her profession is careful listening. “Listening is so important for my job. I work with the nurses every day and many times they have new information about one of the residents that I need to know.” Young Ju feels very connected to all the staff, “Sunshine staff is like a family; we are more than just coworkers. I am very happy to work with everyone!” In addition to the staff, the residents are what really make Young Ju’s work days shine. “The best part about my job is when I see that the kids are happy and doing well!” Between working with supportive staff and children that “make you smile all day,” Young Ju is pleased to be on Sunshine’s team. When Young Ju is not working, she enjoys watching Netflix, hiking and catching up with friends! We are so fortunate to have Young Ju on our team!

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