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Palliative Care

Sunshine’s palliative services supports a comprehensive family-centered approach that encompass pain and symptom management, as well as psychological, physical and  spiritual care within a holistic framework. These services extend throughout the course of the illness and are continually reassessed.

The Palliative Care Program includes planned interventions by a trained interdisciplinary team of professionals that support the dignity of the child and the family’s experience with empathy and culturally sensitive respect.  Interventions are designed to reaffirm life and neither hasten nor postpone death. 

This team approach is directed towards relieving the physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual sufferings of the child who is dying and their family.  The team also supports parents in their on-going decision making.

Our Complementary Care services are dedicated to the recovery and healing of the whole child – mind, body and spirit. Comfort therapy is designed to bring a soothing, calm sense of relaxation and comfort to our children. When added to existing treatment plans, complementary care enhances the process of healing and promotes pain relief and stress reduction. Complementary care can be provided individually or in groups.Sunshine’s Palliative Care Program is designed to provide a full range of supportive care to children and families faced with very serious illnesses.

The Interdisciplinary Care Planning Team consists of the following professionals: Child’s physician, Nursing, Social Work/Behavioral Health, Rehabilitative Therapists, Dietitians, Clergy, Teachers and Volunteers.

For more information contact Susan Pinckney, LCSWR at 914-333-7080; or Alice Olwell, RN, BSN, HN-BC at 914-333-7032.